Cruising the Inside Passage Suggested Reading

We have put together an opportunity to purchase the most popular books and maps that cruisers want for planning their trip to the San Juan and Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, the Broughtons and up the Inside Passage to Alaska. You may have a book or two that you suggest. Let us know at and we will add it to the list.

Highly Recommended for Inside Passage Cruising


Exploring the San Juan & Gulf Islands - By Don & Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge 2003

Extensive coverage of the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island from Victoria to Nanaimo with every place to tie up or anchor.

Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia - By Don & Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge, 3rd Edition 2009

Comprehensive coverage of all of the harbor and anchorages from Victoria through the Gulf Islands, up the Sunshine Coast, through Desolation Sound and The Broughtons to the top of Vancouver Island and Cape Caution.

Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia - By Don & Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge 2002

The Douglasses pride themselves on covering every place to tie up and anchor in an area. This guidebook covers from the many anchorages in the area from Cape Caution to Prince Rupert and the Alaska border.
Exploring Southeast Alaska - By Don & Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge, 2nd Edition 2007

For those who cruise Southeast Alaska this book is considered the “bible” with extensive coverage of nearly all of the anchorages and harbors in Southeast.

Exploring Vancouver Island's West Coast - By Don & Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge, 2nd Edition

The Douglasses consider their voyages along this coast to be among their most satisfying adventures. In this guide they give small craft skippers the kind of local knowledge they need to circumnavigate the island.

Inside Passage Planning Map North Folded - By Don and Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge 2007

Inside Passage Planning Map South Folded - By Don and Reanne Douglass, Fine Edge 2007
Ports and Passes Chyna Sea 2015

Tide and Current Book covering Puget Sound to Prince Rupert adjusted for daylight savings time.


2015 Waggoner Guide – By Mark Bunzel

This annual cruising guide covers all of the marine facilities and many anchorages from Puget Sound to Prince Rupert with current information.

Cruising the Secret Coast – By Jennifer & James Hamilton, Weatherly Press

Just off the Inside Passage’s beaten path are countless channels, bays and lagoons that beg exploration. Some are easy, some can be entered only during a few minutes at high water slack.

Anne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones have created an extensive following for their colorful cruising guides which feature beautiful color photography, Laurence’s nautically accurate area and harbor water color diagrams and Anne’s compelling descriptions of their favorite destinations.

Dreamspeaker 1 – Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands 3rd Edition - By Anne & Laurence Yeadon-Jones, Fine Edge 2010

Dreamspeaker 2 – Desolation Sound 3rd Edition - By Anne & Laurence Yeadon Jones, Fine Edge 2006


Dreamspeaker 3 – The Sunshine Coast 2nd Edition - By Anne & Laurence Yeadon Jones, Fine Edge 2007

Dreamspeaker 4 – The San Juan Islands - By Anne & Laurence Yeadon Jones, Fine Edge 2005
Dreamspeaker 5 – The Broughton Islands - By Anne & Laurence Yeadon Jones, Fine Edge 2006
Dreamspeaker 6 – The West Coast of Vancouver Island - By Anne & Laurence Yeadon Jones, Fine Edge 2009

Note: Fine Edge’s half price update policy applies to the 2nd Edition updates for Dreamspeaker 1, 2, and 3.

Suggested Books Available from Fine Edge

Local Knowledge Tacoma to Ketchikan – By Kevin Monahan, Fine Edge

This book is a “Swiss Army Knife” of information useful for cruising the Inside Passage. The extensive mileage tables and tips for navigating the rapids are worth the price alone. Experienced cruisers consult this book nearly every day while navigating the Inside Passage.

The Burgee, Premier Marina Guidebook, 5th Edition - Pierside Publishing,  2007
David Kutz's complete marina guidebook for boaters has everything needed to find overnight moorage between Olympia to Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands. Extensive coverage of reciprocal yacht clubs.
The Curve of Time – M. Wylie Blanchet

A graceful and timeless classic of cruising the south B.C. portion of the Inside Passage, Desolation Sound and The Broughton Islands. The author was a young widow, when beginning in the 1930s, she set off with her five young children to explore this rugged and lonely coast by motorboat.
Out of Print
Inside Passage Activity Guide, Southeast Alaska – By Nancy Thalia Reynolds

An ideal companion for travelers along the Inside Passage whether by cruise ship, air, ferry or yacht. Offers a variety of shore side activities in each port. Includes kayaking, walking tours, whale-watching cruises, and fishing. details on lodging, dining, weather, and loads more.

The Coastal Companion: A Guide for the Alaska Bound Traveler – By Joe Upton , 1995

Mile-by-mile travelogue up Alaska's Inside Passage. Many maps, photos, and drawings. Field guides to wildlife, what-to-do and where-to-go. From the author of Alaska Blues.
Sea Stories of the Inside Passage – By Iain Lawrence, Fine Edge 1997 

Briefly told personal stories from cruising the Inside Passage. Each story is written with sympathy and feeling and captures some of the essence of the B.C. Coast. Illustrated with drawings. Perfect cruise reading.



Official Charts for the Inside Passage


Current government navigational paper charts for cruising the San Juan Islands, British Columbia and Southeast Alaska are available to U.S. customers from Captain's Nautical Supplies by clicking on this link:

Captain's Nautical Supplies Chart Catalogs

or by calling them directly at (800) 448-2278. The charts are available to Canadian customers from Nanaimo Maps and Charts at (250) 754-2513.


San Juan Islands (Full Coverage NOAA Chartset)
Chart No. Title Scale
18421 Strait of Juan de Fuca to Strait of Georgia 1:80,000
18427 Anacortes to Skagit Bay 1:25,000
18428 Oak and Crescent Harbors 1:10,000
18429 Rosario Strait - Southern Part 1:25,000
18424 Bellingham Bay - Bellingham Harbor 1:40:000/20,000
18430 Rosario Strait - Northern Part 1:25,000
18431 Rosario Strait to Cherry Point 1:25,000
18432 Boundary Pass 1:25,000
18433 Haro Strait Middle Bank to Stuart Island 1:25,000
Canadian Gulf Islands (Official Canadian Hydrographic Service Charts)
Chart No. Title Scale
3440 Race Rocks to D'Arcy Island 1:40,000
3441 Haro Strait, Boundary Pass, Satellite Channel 1:40,000
3442 North Pender Island to Thetis Island 1:40,000
3443 Thetis Island to Nanaimo 1:40,000
3412 Victoria Harbor, Portage Inlet 1:12,000/5,000
3424 Approaches to Oak Bay, Trial Island 1:10,000
3479 Approaches to Syndey/Tsehum Harbor 1:20,000
3478 Plans - Saltspring Island/Sansome Narrows 1:20,000/10,000
3473 Active Pass, Porlier Pass, Montague Hargor 1:12,000
3475 Plans - Stuart Channel 1:12,000
3447 Nanaimo Harbour 1:10,000
3477 Plans - Gulf Islands (Bedwell, Telegraph Harbours 1:15,000


Sunshine Coast & Desolation Sound (Official Canadian Hydrographic Service Charts)
Chart No. Title Scale
3463 Strait of Georgia, Southern Portion 1:80,000
3512 Strait of Georgia, Central Portion 1:80,000
3513 Strait of Georgia, Northern Portion 1:80,000
3311 Sunshine Coast - Vancouver to Desolation 1:40,000
3312 Jervis Inlet & Desolation Sound Atlas Various
The Broughtons (Official Canadian Hydrographic Service Charts)
Chart No. Title Scale
3539 Discovery Passage, Seymour Narrows 1:40,000
3543 Cordero Channel 1:40,000/20,000
3544 Johnstone Strait, Race Psg, Current Psg 1:25,000
3564 Plans - Johnstoen Strait 1:20,000/10,000
3545 Port Neville to Robson Bight 1:40,000
3546 Broughton Strait 1:40,000/20,000
3547 Queen Charlotte Strait, Easter Portion 1:40,000/15,000
3548 Queen Charlotte Strait, Central Portion 1:40,000/20,000
3515 Knight Inlet 1:80,000/20,000


Inside Passage through Northern British Columbia (Official Canadian Hydrographic Service Charts) 
Chart No. Title Scale
3549 Queen Charlotte Strait, Western Portion 1:40,000
3550 Approaches to Seymour & Belize Inlets 1:40,000
3934 Approaches to Smith Sound 1:40,000
3921 Fish Egg Inlet & Allison Harbour 1:20,000
3727 Cape Calvert to Goose Island, FitzHugh Sound 1:73,600
3728 Milbanke Sound and Approaches 1:76,600
3936 Fitz Hugh Sound to Lama Passage w/ Namu Harbour 1:40,000/20,000
3939 Fisher Channel to Seaforth Channel Various
3710 Plans - Vicinity of Laredo Sound Various
3711 Plans - Vicinity of Princess Royal Island Various
3941 Spiller Channel and Roscoe Inlet 1:40,000
3943 Finlayson Channel and Tolmie Channel 1:40,000
3944 Princess Royal Channel 1:40,000
3742 Otter Passage to McKay Reach 1:70,900
3946 Grenville Channel 1:40,000
3773 Grenville Channel, Baker Inlet to Ogden Channel 1:36,500
3927 Bonilla Island to Edye Passage 1:77,800
3957 Approaches to Prince Rupert Harbour 1:40,000
3958 Prince Rupert Harbor & Butze Rapids 1:20,000/5,000
3955 Plans - Prince Rupert Harbor Various
3959 Hudson Bay Passage 1:40,000
3960 Approaches to Portland Inlet 1:40,000


Southeast Alaska 1 – To Skagway and Glacier Bay  (Full Coverage NOAA Chartset)
Chart No. Title Scale
17420 Hecate Strait to Etolin I. 1:229,376
17434 Revillagigedo Channel, Ruys & Foggy Bays, Duke I. 1:80,000
17435 Harbors in Clarence Strait Various
17436 Clarence Str., Cholmondeley Sound & Skowl Arm 1:40,000
17428 Revillagigido Chan., Nichols Pass. & Tongass Narrows 1:40,000
17430 Ketchikan Harbor 1:10,000
17422 Behm Canal - Western Part 1:79,334
17424 Behm Canal - Eastern Part 1:80,000
17423 Harbors in Clarence Str, Behm Canal Various
17385 Ernest Snd, E. Passage, Zimovia Str 1:80,000
17384 Wrangell Harbor and approaches 1:20,000
17382 Zarembo I. and approaches 1:80,000
17375 Wrangell Narrows 1:20,000
17377 Leconte Bay 1:25,000
17367 Thomas, Farragut, & Portage Bays 1:40,000
17360 Etolin I. to Midway Is. 1:217,828
17363 Pybus Bay, Frederick Sound 1:40,000
17362 Gambier Bay, Stephens Passage 1:40,000
17311 Tracy Arm, Holkham Bay 1:40,000
17300 Stephens Passage to Cross Sound 1:209,978
17315 Gastineau Channel & Taku Inlet 1:40,000
17316 Lynn Canal, Icy Str. to Pt Sherman 1:80,000
17317 Lynn Canal, Pt. Sherman to Skagway 1:77,812
17302 Icy Strait & Cross Sound 1:80,000
17318 Glacier Bay 1:80,000


Southeast Alaska 2 – Chatham Strait to Sitka (Full Coverage NOAA Chartset)
Chart No. Title Scale
17320 Coronation I. to Lisianski Strait 1:217,828
17331 Ports Alexander, Conclusion, and Armstrong 1:10,000
17333 Ports Herbert, Walter, Lucy and Armstrong 1:20,000
17376 Tebenkof Bay 1:40,000
17335 Patterson Bay and Deep Cove 1:20,000
17370 Bay of Pillars, Rowan Bay 1:20,000
17368 Keku Str, No. part, incl. Saginaw & Security Bays, Pt. Camden 1:40,000
17336 Harbors in Chatham Str - Gut, Hoggatt, Red Bluff, Herring, Chapin Bays Various
17337 Harbors in Chatham Str - Kelp, Warm Spring, Takatz, Kasnyku Bays Various
17339 Hood Bay & Kootznahoo Inlet 1:30,000
17341 Whitewater Bay & Chaik Bay 1:20,000
17338 Peril Str, Hoonah Snd to Chatham Str 1:40,000
17303 Yakobi I., Lisianski Inlet, Pelican Hbr 1:40,000
17321 Cape Edward to Lisianski Strait 1:40,000
17322 Khaz Bay, Chichagof I. 1:40,000
17323 Salisbury Snd, Peril Str, Hoonah Snd 1:40,000
17324 Sitka Snd to Salisbury Snd 1:40,000
17325 So. & W. Coast of Kruzof Island 1:40,000
17327 Sitka Harbor and approaches 1:10,000
17326 Crawfish Inlet to Sitka, Sawmill Cove 1:40,000
17328 Snipe Bay to Crawfish Inlet 1:40,000
17330 Cape Ommaney to Byron Bay 1:20,000
17372 Frederick Sound to Keku Strait 1:20,000


Southeast Alaska 3 – Prince of Wales Island and North (Full Coverage NOAA Chartset)
Chart No. Title Scale
17400 Dixon Entrance to Chatham Strait 1:229,376
17433 Kendrick Bay to Shipwreck Pt 1:40,000
17431 N. end of Cordova Bay, Hetta Inlet 1:40,000
17409 Southern Dall I. and vicinity 1:40,000
17408 Central Dall I. and vicinity 1:40,000
17407 No. part of Tlevak Str, Ulloa Channel 1:40,000
17406 Baker, Noyes, and Lulu Is. 1:40,000
17405 Ulloa Channel to San Christoval Channell 1:40,000
17404 San Christoval Chan. to Cape Lynch 1:40,000
17402 Southern entrances to Sumner Strait 1:40,000
17403 Davidson Inlet & Sea Otter Sound 1:40,000
17387 Shakan & Shipley Bays, El Capitan Passage 1:40,000
17386 Sumner Str, S. part incl. Affleck Canal 1:40,000
17378 Port Protection 1:20,000
17381 Red Bay 1:20,000
17401 Lake Bay and approaches 1:10,000
17426 Kasaan Bay, Hollis & Lyman 1:40,000
17432 Clarence Strait and Moira Sound 1:40,000
17379 Shakan Bay & Strait 1:10,000
17365 Woewodski & Eliza Harbors 1:20,000
17313 Port Snettisham 1:40,000
17312 Hawk Inlet 1:10,000



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