Links for Outdoor Adventurers to the Eastern Sierra

Check out weather, road and trail conditions, lodging and facilities in Mammoth Lakes, Bishop and the Owens Valley area of California.

The following sites can tell you just about everything you need to know to plan a mountain bike or hiking trip to California's spectacular Eastern Sierra region.

Some of our personal favorite, don't-miss trails include: Upper Rock Creek/Sand Canyon, Lower Rock Creek, the Inyo Crater Loop, the Coyote High Sierra Traverse (over 5,000 foot descent!) and of course the always "challenging" Silver Canyon. Information on all of these rides, and many, many more can be found in our guide Mountain Biking the Eastern Sierra's Best 100 Trails. Our recreational topo map, Eastern High Sierra-Mammoth, June, Mono, can guide your way on your hiking, mountain biking, or ski touring adventure.

Highway 395 – Information, U.S. Forest Service links, weather, lodging and facilities from Bridgeport to Ridgecrest.

Mammoth Lakes Region – Information specific to the Mammoth Lakes area, including access to Howard Shecter's RealAudio weather reports and NOAA meteorological information.

Bishop and Northern Owens Valley Region – Information on the Bishop and Northern Owens Valley region, including information on the ever-popular Mule Days.

Eastern Sierra Region – Trail conditions, U.S. Forest Service links, weather, lodging and facilities throughout the Eastern Sierra region.

IMBA – International Mountain Biking Association - IMBA creates, enhances and preserves trail opportunities for mountain bikers worldwide. Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, and innovative trail management solutions.


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