Mountain Biking California's Central Coast Best 100 Trails

By Delaine Fragnoli

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Chapter 1: Big Sur
By Delaine Fragnoli
Andrew Molera State Park
1. Creamery Meadow Loop with Ridge Option and Bluff Option
2. Trail Camp/Cooper Canyon
Coast Ridge Route
3. Old Coast Road from Andrew Molera State Park to Bixby Landing
4. Central Coast Ridge Road from Nacimiento Summit to Cone Peak
5. South Coast Ridge Road from Nacimiento Summit to Willow Creek Road
6. South Coast Ridge Road from Willow Creek Road to Lottie Potrero
Highway 1
7. Bluff Trail
Lake San Antonio
8. Long Valley Loop

Chapter 2: San Luis Obispo County
By Delaine Fragnoli
Morro Bay State Park/Cabrillo Peaks
9. Portolo Point Singletrack Loop
Montaña de Oro State Park
10. Islay Creek/East Boundary Trail/Barranca Trail Loop
11. Hazard Canyon/Manzanita Trail/Bloody Nose Trail Loop
12. Ridge Trail
13. Bluff Trail
14. Singletrack Figure 8
Cuesta Ridge
15. Stagecoach Road
16. West Cuesta Ridge Loop
17. East Cuesta Ridge
18. Cerro Alto Loop
San Luis Obispo
19. Prefumo Canyon Vista Point
Lopez Lake
20. Upper Lopez Canyon / High Ridge Trail
Pozo / La Panza
21. Hi Mountain Lookout From Pozo
22. Rinconada Trail with Hi Mountain Lookout Option
23. Fernandez Trail Loop
24. Pine Mountain Loop
Huasna Valley
25. Huasna Valley Petroglyph Ride
Carrizo Plain By Mickey McTigue
26. Carrizo Plain Loop

Chapter 3: Santa Barbara County
By Mickey McTigue, Don Douglass, Jamie Griffis and Delaine Fragnoli
Camino Cielo/Upper Santa Ynez River
27. Romero Road
28. Romero Saddle to Juncal Camp
29. Juncal Camp to Mono Camp
30. Toro Saddle Road/Divide Peak Road
31. Juncal Road
32. Agua Caliente Road
33. North Cold Springs Trail/Forbush Flat
34. Blue Canyon Trail
35. Camuesa Road/Buckhorn Trail Loop
36. Angostura Pass Road
Paradise Road/Lower Santa Ynez River
37. Red Rock/Gibraltar Dam Trail
38. Arroyo Burro Loop
39. Matias Potrero Trail
40. Aliso Canyon Trail
41. Oso Trail
42. Camuesa Road/Camuesa Connector Loop
43. Little Pine Mountain
West Camino Cielo/Gaviota
44. West Camino Cielo
45. Tequepis Trail
46. Gaviota State Park
47. Gaviota Peak, Ridge and Hot Springs
Figueroa Mountain
48. McKinley Mountain
49. Sunset Valley Road
50. White Rock Canyon Trail
51. Sunset Valley Trail (a.k.a. Fish Creek Spur)
52. East Pinery Road/Davy Brown Trail
53. Catway Jeepway (a.k.a. Catway OHV Route/Figueroa Jeepway)
54. Zaca Ridge Road
La Brea Canyon/Miranda Pines
55. Colson Canyon Road
56. Rattlesnake Canyon Road
57. La Brea Canyon Road
58. Alejandro Trail Loop
59. Bear Canyon Trail
60. Smith Canyon
61. Horseshoe Canyon/Buckhorn Ridge Loop
62. Miranda Pine Mountain Road
63. Kerry Canyon Trail
Sierra Madre Ridge
64. Old Sierra Madre Road
65. Sierra Madre Ridge Road
66. Newsome Canyon/Lion Canyon Loop
Santa Barbara Canyon and Wilderness Corridor
67. Santa Barbara Canyon
68. West Dry Canyon

Chapter 4: Ventura County
By Mickey McTigue, Kevin Woten, Jamie Griffis, Mark Langton and Delaine Fragnoli
Point Mugu State Park
69. Sycamore Canyon
70. Sycamore Canyon/Guadalasca Trail Loop with Wood Canyon View Trail Option
Northern Santa Monica Mountains
71. Los Robles Trail
72. Conejo Crest/White Horse/Triunfo Park
Santa Susanna Mountains
73. Rocky Peak/Chumash Trail Loop
Ojai Valley
74. Sulphur Mountain Road
75. Fuel Break Road
76. Cozy Dell Road
Nordhoff Ridge
77. Upper Ojai to Ojai over Nordhoff Ridge
78. Sisar Road/Nordhoff Ridge/Red Reef Trail Loop
Sespe Creek and Rose Valley
79. Howard Creek Road
80. Howard Canyon/Nordhoff Ridge/Chief Peak Loop
81. Rose Valley Falls/Lion Canyon
82. Sespe Creek Road
83. Monte Arido Road/Murietta Canyon
84. Murietta Road
85. Cherry Canyon Road/Ortega Trail
Alamo Mountain
86. Alamo Mountain Loop Road with Sewart Mountain Option
87. Miller Jeep Road/ Piru Creek Trail
88. Hungry Valley OHV Area
Frazier Mountain / Lockwood Valley
89. Frazier Mountain Road
90. West Frazier Mountain Road
91. East Frazier Mountain Road
92. West Frazier Mine Road
93. North Fork Lockwood Creek
Thorn Meadows
94. New Yellowjacket Loop
95. Halfmoon Camp/Mutau Loop
Mt. Pinos
96. Mt. Pinos/McGill Trail
97. East Dry Canyon
98. Bear Canyon Trail Loop
99. Tinta Canyon
100. Apache Canyon Road

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