Up the Lake with a Paddle
Volume 3 - Tahoe National Forest-West and the Lakes within the Yuba River Drainage

By William Van Der Ven


Up The Lake With A Paddle, Volume 3 is the latest in a series of guidebooks that provides enthusiastic, knowledgeable advice for canoeists and kayakers wishing to explore the lakes located within the Tahoe/Sierra region.

Author Bill Van der Ven concentrates on the seldom-described lakes of the Grouse Ridge Region that make up a portion of the Tahoe National Forest. The guidebook features maps, routes and local lore on the natural and human histories of each paddling location. Van der Ven provides clear, comprehensive descriptions suitable for experienced and novice paddlers, as well as for those paddling alone or with a family. His knowledgeable advice on ways to make a paddling trip a more memorable accomplishment is presented in a humorous, upbeat style.

As a bonus, Van der Ven provides the reader with a comprehensive glossary that includes websites referring to subjects described in the text. An annotated bibliography, along with a list of paddle sports dealers, schools and organizations devoted to paddle sports, completes this useful book.

"What sets these books apart—beyond the detailed location information—is Bill's intimate knowledge of the natural history, hikes, trails and other features. The descriptions are truly awesome and show a deep love of boating and nature," said FineEdge.com publisher Don Douglass.

About the author: Van der Ven is a veteran canoeist and kayaker who has over ten years' retail experience selling canoes and kayaks. He works in the Sacramento area as a naturalist/guide. His previous guidebooks include Up The Lake With A Paddle, Vol. 1: Sierra Foothills and Sacramento Region, and Up the Lake With A Paddle, Vol. 2: Tahoe Region, Crystal Basin & Foothill Reservoirs, both published by FineEdge.com. The author is now working on the fourth book in the Up the Lake series of guidebooks.

224 pages
Detailed paddling area diagrams
ISBN 978-0-938665-82-3




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