Up the Lake with a Paddle
Volume 2 - Tahoe Region, Crystal Basin, and Foothill Reservoirs

Published Reviews


Sea Kayaker Magazine, October 2000

Up the Lake with A Paddle, Vol. 2 provides information about paddling—whether by canoe or kayak—in the lakes, rivers and reservoirs of the Lake Tahoe region. The introductory chapter discusses wilderness ethics, then covers the differences between and uses for canoes and kayaks, and the paddles used for each sport. The size of each of the 26 paddling areas listed ranges considerably, from lakes that support a one-hour excursion to those, such as Lake Tahoe, that can be paddled for several days. Each entry includes trip length, elevation, paddling distances to various points along the route, level of difficulty, season, map information, access, campsites, highlights and a description of the route, as well as a clearly defined map.

San Francisco Chronicle, July 20, 2000

One unfortunate thing about sea kayaks is that the name suggests use on oceans only. But they're also ideal for exploring inland bodies of water, such as mountain lakes. Flatwater tour guide William Van Der Ven is out with his second volume describing such options for canoes and sea kayaks in Northern California. This book explores the Tahoe Region, Crystal Basin and some foothill reservoirs. Prose is improved from the first volume; the author is more relaxed, chatty and informative as he encourages the reader to escape the madding crowed via watercraft. Primary benefit: Van Der Ven has the experience to provide an authoritative evalution. When he describes conditions and assesses difficulty, the information can be relied upon.




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