Up the Lake with a Paddle
Volume 2 - Tahoe Region, Crystal Basin, and Foothill Reservoirs

By William Van Der Ven


Table of Contents

Wilderness Ethics
Using this guide
Quiet Water
Some Thoughts on Canoes and Kayaks
In the Eddy: The Umiak, Kayak and Baidarka

Chapter One - Lake Tahoe & Tahoe Basin Lakes

Paddling Area 1: Lake Tahoe, Agatam County Beach
Paddling Area 2: Agatam Beach to Flick Point
Paddling Area 3: Lake Tahoe, South Shore: D.L. Bliss State Park to Emerald Bay
Paddling Area 4: Lake Tahoe, South Shore: Baldwin Beach to Emerald Bay
Paddling Area 5: Tahoe Basin Lakes: Echo Lakes
Paddling Area 6: Tahoe Basin Lakes: Donner Lake

Chapter Two - Tahoe National Forest Lakes

Paddling Area 1: French Meadows Reservoir
Paddling Area 2: Hellhole Reservoir
Paddling Area 3: Stumpy Meadows Reservoir
Paddling Area 4: Sugar Pine Reservoir
Paddling Area 5: Big Reservoir
Paddling Area 6: Ralston Afterbay

Chapter Three - Crystal Basin Lakes

Paddling Area 1: Ice House Reservoir
In the Eddy: Naming the Land I
Paddling Areas 2 & 3: Wrights Lake and Dark Lake
In the Eddy: Wilson Meadow
Paddling Area 4: Union Valley Reservoir
In the Eddy: A View of Spider Lake
Paddling Area 5: Loon Lake and Pleasant Lake
In the Eddy: Gerle Creek
Paddling Area 6: Gerle Creek Reservoir
Paddling Area 7: Junction Reservoir
Paddling Area 8: Jenkinson Lake
In the Eddy: From Land to Lake

Chapter Four - Sierra Foothills

Paddling Area 1: Camanche Reservoir
Paddling Area 2: Pardee Reservoir via Mokelumne River Arm
In the Eddy: Naming the Land II
In the Eddy: Chaparral!
Paddling Area 3: Pardee Reservoir, North & South Arms
Paddling Area 4: Lake Amador
In the Eddy: A Drive to Clinton Bridge
Paddling Area 5: New Hogan Reservoir, North
In the Eddy: Take A Side Trip
Paddling Area 6: New Hogan Reservoir, South

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