Up the Lake with a Paddle
Volume 2 - Tahoe Region, Crystal Basin, and Foothill Reservoirs

By William Van Der Ven

“I recommend this book to anyone who values the joys of paddling and the secrets of the wild that are found close to home and across the waters of a wilderness lake.”

Don Crandall, owner, Current Adventures Kayak School & Trips

Novice and experience boaters alike will find this guidebook—geared to paddling in a canoe or kayak—an essential resource for enjoying the beautiful lakes, rivers and reservoirs of the Lake Tahoe region. Up the Lake With a Paddle, Vol. 2 provides the canoeist and kayaker with easy-to-read maps and highlights of more than 25 paddling areas in the Sierras, all within comfortable driving distance from the greater Sacramento area.
Nature lovers will delight in the author’s insightful descriptions of local flora, fauna and geology that truly capture the mood of each lake or river. Take this book along on your paddle and make your trip a memorable one!

250 pages
Detailed paddling area diagrams
ISBN 978-0-938665-70-0




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