Up the Lake with a Paddle
Volume 1 - Sierra Foothills and Sacramento Region

Readers' Reviews
First Edition


Reading Bill's book Bill Van Der Ven's book, Up the Lake With a Paddle, will soon be considered the primary source of information for novice and professionals who venture into the Sierra by canoe or kayak.

As a California State Park Ranger for the past 20 years I have been fortunate to live and work in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Reading Bill's book whets my appetite even more to drop whatever I am doing, grab my canoe and a friend, and take off on a canoeing adventure to one of the hundreds of gorgeous Sierra lakes.

Bill Van Der Ven's onsite research of each lake and reservoir described in this book took more than two years of exciting fieldwork to accomplish. His ability to describe a wide range of natural, cultural, and historic facts about each area speaks highly of Bill's training as an accomplished working naturalist. This work should rank him as one of the best paddling experts of the Northern Sierra.

Imagine a book that describes more than 30 lakes and reservoirs only a few hours away, outlining the colorful historical facts, exact locations of unique plants and animals. At the same time it keeps you on top of changing climactic conditions and other potential hazards that face the canoer. This book does that and a lot more.

Up the Lake With A Paddle is destined to become the bible on canoeing in the Northern Sierra. I highly recommend it for the dedicated canoeing enthusiast and weekend naturalist's library.

Chuck Scimeca
State Park Ranger, South Yuba River State Park
Nevada City, CA




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