Up the Lake with a Paddle
Volume 1 - Sierra Foothills and Sacramento Region
Second Edition

By William Van Der Ven


Table of Contents

Region I - Sacramento County

Sacramento Metropolitan Area
Paddle Area 1: Cosumnes River Preserve
Paddle Area 2: Rancho Seco Recreation Area (Rancho Seco Lake)

Region II - Folsom Lake State Recreatin Area

Lake Natoma Unit State Recreation Area
Paddle Area 1: Lake Natoma, Nimbus Flats Access
Paddle Area 2: Lake Natoma, Willow Creek Access
Paddle Area 3: Negro Bar Family beach and Boat Ramp

North Fork Arm: Granite Bay Access
Paddle Area 1: Doton's Point to Anderson Island
Paddle Area 2: Rattlesnake Bar Boat Ramp South to Anderson Island
Paddle Area 3: Rattlesnake Bar Boat Ramp North to Pilot Creek/Cooper Canyon (ManhattanBar)

South Fork Arm: Old Salmon Falls Bridge Access
Paddle Area 1: Old Salmon Falls Bridge Access South to Deep Ravine

Region III - Aubrun State Recreation Area

Lake Clementine
Paddle Area 1: Lake Clementine Paddle Loop

Region IV - Foothills Reservoirs

Slab Creek Reservoir
Paddle Area 1: Upper Slab Creek Reservoir (Fore Bays / Cable Roads Access)
Paddle Area 2: Lower Slab Creek Reservoir (Slab Creek Road & Dam Access)

Rollins Lake
Paddle Area 1: Peninsula Campground Loop

Scott's Flat Reservoir
Paddle Area 1: Upper Lake Loop (Main Marina to Deer Creek)
Paddle Area 2: Lower Lake Loop (Cascade Shores Boat Ramp)

Region V - High Sierra Lakes (Tahoe National Forest Lakes)

Lake Spaulding
Paddle Area 1: Fordyce Creek/South Yuba River Loop

Lake Valley Reservoir
Paddle Area 1: Silver Tip Day Use Area to Upper Lake Loop

Kelly Lake (Optional Paddle on Racoon Lake)
Paddle Area 1: Racoon Lake
Paddle Area 2: Kelly Lake





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