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This is a chillingly true story by first time Pacific Northwest author Dee Saunders. You may know Dee and Marshall Saunders. They currently reside on Whidbey Island and own Penguin, a Newberry Port 52 sundeck trawler, previously docked in Roche Harbor.

Dee and Marshall are inveterate and avid cruisers and fisher people, having circumnavigated Vancouver Island and cruised and fished from Desolation Sound to Southeast Alaska. They were not always power boaters, however, and Unsinkable is a remarkable story involving an incredible accident at sea while sailing their beloved sailboat, Clambake, a Tayana 52 sloop, from Mexico to Tahiti, and the even more incredible story of their recovery from that disaster.

The acquisition of Clambake was the culmination of one dream (retirement) and the beginning of another (becoming live-a-boards and sailing to paradise). Marshall had sailed across the Pacific a number of times on other boats and he and Dee had set a goal of early retirement so that they could resume blue water cruising on their dream boat.

The book chronicles their businesses successes and setbacks and their early sailing days prior to acquiring Clambake. With their goal in sight, and having a stroke of luck in finding the “perfect” boat, Dee and Marshall commenced the dual tasks of liquidating their business and preparing for the trip to Tahiti. They moved all of their worldly possessions aboard Clambake. After all, this boat was now their home.

They were prepared for every eventuality – almost. The first night out, off the coast of Mexico heading towards Tahiti, on a warm, clear night, they were struck by a 700 foot long Korean freighter. Clambake went down in 90 seconds. The freighter kept going.

Dee tells of the amazingly difficult rescue and what it was like to lose virtually everything, including their identities, and then climb back, along the way fighting a big Korean company, lawyers and insurance companies.

They did persevere through courage and determination and they eventually did make it to Tahiti, although in a substantially different manner than they had planned.

This book is just a darn good read. It is now available at www.fineedge.com or through any bookstore.

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