Sea Stories of the Inside Passage
In the Wake of the Nid

By Iain Lawrence
Foreword by Anne Vipond

"I can't wait to read Iain's next sea story; he describes the life of the Inside Passage like no one else."

Sherrill and Rene Kitson, Ivory Island Lightstation

Personal stories that capture the essence and flavor of the Inside Passage by the author of Far-Away Places, Prince Rupert resident Iain Lawrence. Readers will identify with Iain and his mate, Kristin, as they explore secluded passages and anchor sites in their small cutter. They rescue a tiny orphaned seal, sail alongside an inquisitive porpoise, cheer for salmon struggling to reach their natal waters, meet a saintly old sailor, or shrink with embarrassment on hearing the tantrums of an arrogant skipper. The stories, written with sympathy, feeling, and humor, each stand alone and can be read aloud for pleasure at anchor, around a campfire, or at home in an armchair.

ISBN 978-0-938665-47-2
168 Pages




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