Exploring the San Juan and Gulf Islands
Cruising Paradise of the Pacific Northwest
Third Edition

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Dear Don and Reanne,

Enclosed is a copy of Whale Tales Volume 2 with a map thanks to you!

I hope you enjoy Volume 2 and also wanted to say that it was a positive education working with you on the San Juan Islands cruising book.....

Peter J. Fromm, Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands

Dear Peter,

Thanks Peter, your books have a special place in our library.

Ed: Peter was a photographer on Baidarka for several days three years ago and his photo's appear throught out our cruising guideExploring the San Juan and Gulf Islands.

His new title Whale Tales Volume Two ISBN 0-9648704-1-x is a really great book that whale lovers will enjoy. Human interactions with whales and personal accounts from around the world. Very well illustrated $13.95 from Whale Tales Press 1-800-669-3950


Dear Whomsoever,

Recently, I purchased Exploring the San Juan and Gulf Islands. I have also purchased the first editions of Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia and Exploring Vancouver Island's West Coast.

I know that an errata sheet on Exploring Vancouver Island's West Coast was at one time available on your web site. I can no longer find it and lost my old version when moving. How can I get a copy of it? Are errata sheets available for the other two? I am unable to find them on your web page. Perhaps I simply overlooked them. Can you please help me in this matter.

Dave Killen


Thanks for taking time to email us. We like to know how people use our products and come to depend on them.

As you may know, the new editions of the FineEdge.com Exploring series contain a number of updates and changes. We now cover every known cove site; we now include the GPS waypoints for all entrances, have refined a number of anchor waypoints, have included new diagrams and chart numbers, have added information on navigation matters, weather, hiking trails, photos, etc.

For these reasons, when a new edition is printed, we consider the old editions "Inoperative" and suggest you put them on your high-and-dry bookshelf to refer to for your own historical notes. Subsequently, we publish only new errata or update information for current editions or new titles on our website www.FineEdge.com under Updates and Reviews.

Unfortunately, our limited resources simply do not allow us to communicate detailed updates on old editions once new editions have been published, and we regret that the days of sending self-addressed stamped envelopes are behind us. Purchasing new editions and checking Pilothouse Posting on our website is the best way you can be assured of having the latest valuable information.

FineEdge.com designs its books to last for several years and takes cruising and navigational information very seriously. By comparison, look at how many errors exist on fuel docks and other vital information in other pubications and chart kits! (See Cruising World, August 2000, page 72, "Beware the Bahamas Chart Kit" by Tom Neal as an example of what happens all too frequently.)

Réanne and I spend 3 to 6 months a year on our research vessel "Baidarka" searching out cruising routes and new anchor sites. Many of these remote places have been poorly documented in the past or, more likely, not at all. We know of no other nautical publisher who goes to this extent to derive information on undocumented areas and with such accuracy.

Our books are very favorably compared to government Coast Pilots which contain years of old information, or to government charts that seldom have any depth information for the smaller, isolated coves we all love to explore. While some guides, such as Northwest Boat Travel, have contributing editors and do a heroic job in phone-checking their information including updating their website nwboat.com, some of the annual marina and cruising guides spend more time in selling advertisements than in doing original research.

FineEdge.com sometimes has pre-publication offerings on our website or at public presentations such as the Seattle Boat Show where new editions can be purchased at attractive prices. You may want to take advantage of these special situations or monitor the Hot Deals on our website where cosmetically damaged books are sold at 40% to 80% percent discount. Please call Regina between 9 and 11 am Monday through Thursday at (360)299-8500; she can tell you if we have a seconds-quality copy available of the title you're looking for.

I hope this explains our system and offers some solutions for you.

Don Douglass


Dear Fine Edge,

Just returned home to Utah after spending our second summer sailing and cruising the San Juan and Gulf Islands with our trailerable Kent Ranger 26. The first trip in 1999 was our first venture into saltwater, a milestone for us. Living in the desert presents a real challenge with trying to obtain info on far-way sailing grounds. After a lot of communitcation with northwest boaters and Armchair Sailor, we purchased a few cruising guides. Without exception, Exploring the San Juan and Gulf Islands by Don Douglass and Réanne Hemingway-Douglass is hands down the best. So good the others are hardly ever used!

Sincerely, C. Tuttle, Utah

Summer 2000

Dear FineEdge:

Your cruising books on the San Juans and BC are much better than I ever expected to find. We use them each time we approach a new area (we have spent the last two months in the San Juans). The little charts showing the safe approach, the place to anchor and the condition of the bottom are all very valuable information.

I just loaded the Proven Cruising Routes disk into my PC and think that information is going to help us a lot as we go further north this summer. Thanks to the authors and to you for making this info available.

Tom Long,
Novato, CA

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