The Radar Book Addendum

By Kevin Monahan


Author Kevin Monahan, an experienced captain and Canadian Coast Guard officer, presents this addendum to The Radar Book which features the following:

  • HD radar and solid-state technology
  • Working with radar overlay on your electronic charts
  • Integrating AIS and MARPA for Collision Avoidance and Situational Awareness
  • Understanding errors in radar overlay and MARPA

32 page Addendum to The Radar Book, clearly explains this rapidly changing technology, and the advantages and disadvantages of modern integrated radar and navigation systems. It tells you how to interpret the digital image to see other boats or land masses. Radar can be one of the most useful tools for safe navigation. This book tells you how to get the most out of your legacy radar system or a new, integrated digital system.

32 page pamphlet
ISBN 9780996979979



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