Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia
Blunden Harbour to Dixon Entrance with Original Research on the Queen Charlottes
Expanded Third Edition

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Dear FineEdge,

We found your guide for the North Coast of BC to be excellent. We started in Vancouver and are moored in Stewart, BC until June 2002.

John Hurlburt


Dear Don,

I have read your Log [of Baidarka] and found it very interesting. I have a 35' converted double-ender that was used for commercial fishing for 45 years before I made the conversion.

Had a shakedown trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands last summer in preparation for the Alaskan trip this summer. I am an admirer of Lapérouse and plan to visit Lituya Bay this coming summer. In reading your log, I would like to comment on the following sentence". . . . lost 20 of his men as they tried to cross the bar."

He actually lost 22 men as they were sucked in by the ebb in the process of sounding. The first boat got too close and the sister boat went to their help only to succumb to the same fate. A third smaller boat made it in the Pacific to later re-enter and advised the Admiral of the disaster. Lapérouse had given them strict written orders regarding care and attention in dealing with the entrance current.

I am in possession of a copy of Lapérouse's journal in old French. It covers the North American section. I also found that he was the first one to introduce potatoes to California. When he stopped in Monterey in the fall of 1786, he gave some potatoes, that he had acquired in Peru on the way north, to the local Franciscan monks.

I really enjoyed all your books and they have been a great help in navigating the West Coast. They have a special place in the ship library. The only weak part is the bonding. Their constant need for reference does not help their longevity.
We live on Gabriola Island and keep Lawrin in Silva Bay. It was a pleasure to chat.

André Lemieux
Gabriola Island

Summer 2000

Dear FineEdge,

It seems as though I’ve become dependent on your productions. The North Coast BC book enabled me to avoid an extremely uncomfortable, if not dangerous, experience when I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jim Slocomb,
Friday Harbor

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Dear Fine Edge,

I have a copy of "Exploring Southeast Alaska" and have a problem.

We are using the "Classic Itinerary" as a course for our trip. There are 5 stops on that Day 48,49,50,51 and 52 that are not listed in the "appendices and References" Do you know what pages we might locate them on. We are buying our charts based on our itinerary and need to make sure we have them all.

Derek Ingram

Dear Derek,

Don and Reanne are in Alaska at the present time, and unavailable to answer your query. So the crew at FineEdge forwarded your question to me.

It sounds like you have a lovely trip ahead of you. For your information the stops on days 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52 are not described in "Exploring Southeast Alaska", but they are described in "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia" The Itinerary includes a stretch through Petrel Channel, Principe Channel, Estevan Sound, Camaano Sound, Laredo Channel, Laredo Sound, and Milbanke Sound. This is a beautiful trip, but it does include a short-cut through Higgins Passage, which is a drying channel that you must transit only at high-water slack. I would not recommend transiting Higgins Passage if your boat draws more than a few feet of water. Your other options are:

1) Go around the south end of Price Island (Catala Passage) and across Milbanke Sound to Seaforth Channel.
2) Transit Myers Passage to Klemtu and then either Jackson Passage or Oscar Passage and through Reid Passage, or directly from Klemtu to Seaforth Channel

The route is shown on pages 507 to 509 of "Exploring Southeast Alaska"

The anchorages you will be interested in are as follows

Day 48 Captain Cove--page 319 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
Day 49 Patterson Inlet--page 310 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
Day 50 Helmcken Island Cove--page 225 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia" (should read "Smithers Island Cove"-Helmcken Inlet)
Day 51 Kynumpt Harbour (Horsfall Island)--page 103 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
Day 52 Goldstream Harbour--page 89 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"

For more information
1) Higgins Passage--page 212 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
2) Catala Passage--page 211 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
3) Myers Passage--page 215 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
4) Jackson Passage--page 191 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
5) Oscar Passage--page 190 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"
6) Reid Passage--page 185 "Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia"

You can see the entire route (except for Captain Cove) on Canadian Hydrographic Service chart 3744, or on the FineEdge planning maps available through the FinEdge web-site. I also strongly suggest obtaining a CHS Canadian Chart Catalogue (and a NOAA US chart catalogue) from any chart seller, and use it to select the charts you will be needing. I also find the Chart Catalogue invaluable in the wheelhouse. One glance at the catalogue will tell you which chart to pull out of storage next greatly simplifying the task of managing your charts.

Best wishes

Kevin Monahan
Shipwrite Productions

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