Exploring the North Coast of British Columbia
Blunden Harbour to Dixon Entrance with Original Research on the Queen Charlottes
Expanded Third Edition

By Don Douglass and Réanne Hemingway Douglass


Table of Contents

Foreword to the Second Edition by George Eaton
Preface by Neil G. Carey
Guest Essay: The Last Great Place by Roderick Frazier Nash

1. Queen Charlotte Sound: Nakwakto Rapids to Cape Caution
2. Smith Sound and Inlet and Rivers Inlet
3. Fitz Hugh Sound: Calvert Island and Fish Egg Inlet to Bella Bella and Seaforth Channel
4. Queens Sound and Hakai Recreation Area, Kwakshua Channel to Rait Narrows
5. The Discovery Coast: Burke Channel, Dean Channel, and Ocean Falls to Spiller Channel
6. Mathieson, Finlayson, Tolmie and Princess Royal Channels, including Fjordland
7. Milbanke and Laredo Sounds, Aristazabal and Princess Royal Islands to Squally and Whale Channels
8. Douglas Channel, Gardner Canal, and Kitlope
9. Grenville Channel, Skeena River Outflow and Mainland Coast to Prince Rupert
10. Estevan Sound, Banks Island, Principe and Petrel Channels
11. Browning Entrance, Porcher Island to Dundas Island
12. Mainland Chatham Sound to Portland Canal and Stewart
13. Queen Charlotte Islands: Graham and Moresby Islands, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve/Haida Heritage Site
14. Queen Charlotte Islands: Dixon Entrance & the West Coast of Graham & Moresby Islands (including Skidegate Channel)




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