Exploring the Marquesas Islands

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Dear Don,

Here are some suggested updates to Exploring the Marquesas Islands.

Page 24 last paragraph add: The door of the freezer house serves as a bulletin board for businesses that cater to cruiser (Island tours, laundry, Internet cafe, restaurant, etc.)

Page 25 second paragraph second phrase. On the main dock, at the new Mobil gas station, fuel and propane can be obtained. They take credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and have a convenience store (sorry, no beer). They are closed on Sundays and they might have to ration the diesel just before the arrival of the supply ship.

Page 25 sketch: The post office (with internet access) is now in front of Snack Make Make. Magasin Dual has moved to the other side of the street and the Socredo bank is in front of PaePae (closes at 15:30 and you need ID even to exchange money).

Page 25 last paragraph add: Next along the street there is an Internet cafe "Snack Kaupe" where Thierry can set you up on one of two computers. Cold drinks , hamburgers and pizza are available, as well as a free ride back to port.

Page 34 add: A small breakwater and concrete pier are presently being built in Hanavave. The construction should be completed by the beginning of 2003. A knowledgeable source says that cruising boats will be able to med-moor to the wall.

Page 34 sketch: should now show the Post Office next to the church, beside the street and there is a pay phone in front of it. Magasin Andre is now across the street from it’s position in sketch. There is a bakery for wood oven baked bread across the street from Marc’s house. Serge has now built himself his own house behind his family’s house. Delete the words “End of concrete road” as it is now paved.

Page 35 second paragraph replace by: Most of the streets in town are now paved. There is a paved road over the mountains to Omoa, about ten miles away.

Page 35 fourth paragraph: delete whole paragraph (see note on sketch).

Page 35 sixth paragraph: Magasin Andre is located on the right just before the first paved street off to the left.

Page 35 last paragraph: Turning left up the road, one of the last houses on the left... Delete “it has to be large to house Serge, his wife Kati, his parents (his father died in 1998)...”Add “Serge and Kati continue to be most helpful and welcoming to cruisers. Each month they lead the community in welcoming the tourists that visit the island, from the m/v Aranui that stops by the island to resupply the villagers. Serge plays the ukulele and guitar in the band and Kati leads the young girls in their traditional dance show.”

Page 36 second paragraph add: Marc is also a tattoo artist and usually will be happy to do tattooing on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday. Across from Marc’s is the “boulanger” where fresh wood oven baked bread can be obtained around noon. You may want to order it in advance.

Page 36 add a paragraph: Civilization has caught up to Fatu Hiva in the form of satellite TV and where it is not unusual to see many, many pickup trucks roving all 10 miles of island road.

Page 36 also add: The village of Omoa has a rolly anchorage, but it is easy to dinghy over. There is a pier at the point of Omoa bay where it is possible to tie the dinghy ashore while using an anchor to hold it off. The village is more developed than Hanavave and contains two well-stocked stores that have many products even when the supply ship is due. There is a museum there that is open when the Aranui brings tourist to visit. There is also a clinic and nurse on call at all times. There is a boat “Atuona II” that is available for emergency evacuation to Hiva Oa.

Serge and Kathy Lavoie
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