Exploring the Marquesas Islands

By Joe Russell

"Joe Russell gives cruisers the needed ingredients of all guides--how to do it and where to go, but by writing in the first person he has also spiced up his book with many uninhibited personal experiences. This is a must reference for those wanting to thoroughly enjoy their first landfall on the famous Coconut Milk Run."

- Earl Hinz, author,
Landfalls of Paradise--Cruising Guide to the Pacific Islands

Sailing to the South Pacific, whether from California or Panama, the first landfall is the Marquesas. Joe Russell, who has lived and sailed in the Marquesas, documents this beautiful little-known place. Volcanic, tropical beauty and ease of navigation, make these islands some of the most interesting and dramatic cruising grounds in the world. The Marquesans-the island's greatest asset-are proud of their history. They presume friendship with everyone, sharing their legends and traditions.

Includes history, language guide, chart diagrams, mileage and heading tables, and recent archeology.

Expert Local Knowledge
Detailed anchor diagrams
GPS waypoints
Large Format
ISBN 978-0-938665-64-9




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