GPS Instant Navigation
Second Edition

By Kevin Monahan and Don Douglass

"If you want the greatest possible benefit from GPS, I strongly recommend this book. Their illustrated techniques will save you time and clearly explain the system." —John Neal, Bluewater sailor, Mahina Tiare

"Every GPS user should have this book on board!" —Captain Jack's Catalog

"Accurate in an Instant" —Sea Magazine

In this clear, well-illustrated manual to the Global Positioning System, mariners will find simple solutions to navigational problems. Monahan is a Canadian Coast Guard officer with over 20 years' experience cruising the Inside Passage. Douglass has logged over 150,000 miles cruising from 60°N to 56°S. Includes 150 detailed diagrams, which graphically illustrate the many ways you can use GPS to solve classic piloting and navigation problems. This book introduces the novice to the basics of instant navigation and carries him to advanced techniques of error reduction, electronic charting, and navigation software.

The second edition of the best-selling GPS Instant Navigation is completely updated and explains the new GPS accuracy standard. It also contains chapters on electronic charting and trouble shooting

Most complete GPS book on the market
ISBN 978-0-938665-76-2




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