Proven Cruising Routes
Volume One, Seattle to Ketchikan

By Kevin Monahan and Don Douglass


Table of Contents


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Chapter 1—Puget Sound to Georgia Strait

1. Express Route—Seattle to Gulf Islands
2. Alternate Route—Plumper Sound
3. Admiralty Inlet to Victoria
4. Express Route—Admiralty Inlet to Burrard Inlet
5. Seattle to Deception Pass
6. LaConner to Georgia Strait
7. Anacortes to Friday Harbor
8. Friday Harbor to Sidney BC

Chapter 2—Georgia Strait

9. Express Route—Victoria to Cape Mudge
10. Alternate Route—Trial Island to D’Arcy Island via Oak Bay
11. Alternate Route—Captain Passage
12. Alternate Route—Dodd Narrows to Georgia Strait via Nanaimo Harbour
13. Inshore Route from Nanaimo to Cape Mudge via Lambert Channel
14. Alternate Inshore Route via Baynes Sound
15. Porlier Passage to Cape Mudge (Northbound/Southbound)
16. Express Route—Steveston to Desolation Sound
17. Express Route—Burrard Inlet to Desolation Sound

Chapter 3—Georgia Strait to Cape Caution

18. Express Route—Discovery Passage and Johnstone Strait via Seymour Narrows
19. Express Route—Desolation Sound to Current Passage
20. Alternate Route—Cordero Channel to Johnstone Strait via Wellbore Channel
21. Express Route—Blackney Passage to Cape Caution
22. Pulteney Point to Cape Caution (Northbound/Southbound)
23. Alternate Route— Pulteney Point to Cape Caution via Christie Passage
24. Port Harvey to Queen Charlotte Strait via Knight Inlet
25. Alternate Route Tribune Channel to Queen Charlotte Strait
26. Heavy Weather Route from Port Hardy to Cape Caution

Chapter 4—North Coast of British Columbia

27. Express Route—Cape Caution to Bella Bella
28. Express Route—Bella Bella to Boat Bluff
29. Heavy Weather Alternate Route from Ivory Island to Boat Bluff via Perceval Narrows (Northbound/Southbound)
30. Alternate Route via Oscar Passage (Northbound/Southbound)
31. Express Route—Boat Bluff to Prince Rupert via Princess Royal Channel
32. Ivory Island to Chatham Sound via Principe Channel

Chapter 5—Southeast Alaska—Prince Rupert to Ketchikan

33. Express Route—Chatham Sound to Ketchikan
34. Prince Rupert to Revillagigedo Channel

Appendix A—GPS Accuracy
Appendix B—Differential GPS (DGPS)
Appendix C—Chart Datum
Appendix D—Curvilinear Legs
Appendix E—Proven Cruising Routes on Disk
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