Destination Cortez Island
A sailor's life along the BC Coast

By June Cameron


A nostalgic memoir of the lives and times of coastal pioneers-the old timers and their boats, that were essential in the days when the ocean was the only highway.

In 1930, June's parents, George and Marjorie Griffin bought the Loumar, a 36-foot, wooden boat that would become their family's summer home for the next two decades. Now, in her memoir of pioneer coastal life, supported by a charming collection of photographs, the author relives the magic of those summer days on the Loumar.

June Cameron has cruised the coast for over sixty years and is a regular contributor to Pacific Yachting.

Co-published with Heritage House, Vancouver, B.C

60 photos and maps
5.5" x 8.5"
244 pages
ISBN 978-0-938665-60-1




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