Cape Horn
One Man's Dream, One Woman's Nightmare
Expanded 2nd edition with color photos

"The book grabbed me by the throat . . .easily the hair-chested adventure yarn of the decade, if not the half-century."

Peter H. Spectre, Wooden Boat Magazine

His Dream – a lifelong goal to round Cape Horn and circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere in their sailboat.

Her Nightmare – coping with her husband—a driven captain—and the frightening seas of the Great Southern Ocean.

800 miles WNW of Cape Horn they encountered the Ultimate Wave which pitchpoled their sailboat and turned it into a leaking lifeboat. Pulling together, they struggled over 42 days to reach the coast of southern Chile while family and friends all but gave up hope. Cape Horn is the gripping account of one woman’s courage, a couple’s turbulent relationship, survival and endurance in the seas off Patagonia.

Non-fiction, 304 pages
New Expanded Appendix and Epilogue
16 page color insert with photographs of Easter Island and Patagonia
294 pages with charts and numerous photographs of Easter Island and Patagonia
ISBN 978-0-938665-83-0
Now also available in French and Italian ($30.00)




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