The Splicing Handbook
Techniques for Modern and Traditional Ropes, 3rd Ed.

By Barbara Merry

The only reference devoted entirely to splicing today’s ropes.

The Splicing Handbook includes step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided ropes, and it covers every kind of splicing project you are likely to encounter, including modern cordage such as Spectra; mainstream rope materials such as Dacron and nylon; and wire and rope-to-wire splices.

Covers all the standard rope constructions using Dacron and nylon, including solid braid, double braid, parallel core, plaited, and three-strand

Explains how to splice wire for sailboat shrouds and halyards

Shows how to make a broad range of useful onboard projects--and several that will find uses around the home as well, including dog collars, netting, rope railings, and lanyards.

Paperback 256 pages
8.4" x 5.6"
ISBN 9780071736046




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