The Pirate Hunter's Companion

by Captain William Lubber

The eagerly awaited new title in the best-selling 'Ology series—more than 5 million sold worldwide!

Step lively, pirate foes and fanciers! Mysterious booty found inside a long-lost sea chest, hidden for hundreds of years off the coast of Newfoundland, has just been uncovered for your enjoyment. Within these covers is the fascinating eighteenth-century journal of Captain William Lubber, an earnest soul who sailed the seas in search of the vicious female pirate Arabella Drummond. Prepare for a mesmerizing tale of the golden age of piracy—from storm-tossed sailing ships to tantalizing treasure islands, from pirates' flags and fashions to their wily weapons and wicked ways. An extraordinary find for pirateologists, here is a true and complete companion for the dedicated pirate hunter.

PIRATEOLOGY's special treasures include:
• a stunning cover bearing a working compass and glittering gems
• treasure map with a missing piece -- for the canny reader to find
• multiple flaps, maps, charts, and booklets harboring codes and clues
• intricate drawings of ships' interiors
• a packet of gold dust
• a pocket sundial
• a cache of pirate letters, pieces of eight -- and a jewel as a final reward

Aar! Hoist the sails for a lavish new discovery filled with treasures—a magnificent resource for pirate lovers everywhere.

Hardcover: 32 pages
12" x 10"
ISBN 9780763631437




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