Images of the San Juan Islands

By Mark B. Gardner


The San Juan Archipelago is a collection of 172 islands that sit quietly between the northwestern corner of the United States and Vancouver Island, Canada, about 75 miles north of Seattle. This beautifully photographed book offers an intimate and memorable portrait of the islands, one of the Pacific Northwest's most popular destinations. The book's images include evocative portraits of the native flora and fauna, landscapes in pastel and bold colors, intimate close-ups of hidden details and scenes of the island lifestyle. In addition, an essay highlights the islans' natural and human history, both which are as diverse and unique as the islands are beautiful. A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to non-profit groups that support the islands' communities and environment.

112 pages
10.5" x 8.5"
ISBN 978-0-9753068-1-9




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