Puget Sound North

By Fish-n-Map Co.


This two-sided map covers Puget Sound North from Everett to Deception Pass with 20 foot depth contours. Underwater features are identified including wrecks, weedbeds, artificial reefs, underwater bottom conditions, and dredged channels. Latitude and Longitude grids with over 100 GPS coordinates are included. Numerous Fish Locations are presented throughout the map. Also provided are fishing strategies, artificial reef data, detailed coverage of Deception Pass, Admiralty Head and Possession Bar, boat ramps, campgrounds and facilities.

9” x 4”
Unfolds to 3’ x 2’, 2-sided chart
Waterproof and tear-resistant plastic
Scale: 1:77,000; 1:50,250 inset 1,2; 1:24,360 inset 3
ISBN 761428091024





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