Day by Day to Alaska

Queen Charlotte Islands and Around Vancouver Island

By Dale R. Petersen


The author makes his 30-year dream cruise in the 21-ft Bayliner Trophy 'Day by Day' from his home in northern Puget Sound to Sitka, Alaska and return via the outside of Vancouver Island. The 2,500 mile solo cruise takes 23 days and is described day by day. The author-skipper also makes and describes four side trips from Olympia, Washington to Skagway and Glacier Bay, Alaska.

The book shares what it takes to plan and carry out adventures in a small boat crossing big waters. Safety and other tips and tricks are included as well as the author's observations on a number of issues, marine and otherwise. The contents should help any boater making a short or long cruise. Boaters, non-boaters and youth will all enjoy the author's views of dreams and adventures as he experiences them. He evaluates what it all means in the "Journey of Life."

262 pages
6" x 9"
ISBN 978-1-552123-48-5

About the Author: Skipper-author Dale R. Petersen is a third generation Puget Sound boater. His grandfather came from Denmark to farm and work on the first floating dry-dock on Puget Sound. Transportation for him was a rowboat. His father built a boat in Alaska for his work and built them for his pleasure on Puget Sound. Dale built his first boat and with six boats has plied waters from coast to coast for over 50 years. Cruising the waters of Alaska and British Columbia for him is an ultimate retirement fulfillment of dreams. Writing about his boating adventures is a sharing for the pleasure of others.

Dale has been a paperboy, farm worker, janitor, draftsman, tutor, researcher. Later he was an Army officer, engineer, manager, contractor and now an author. He served as President of four small corporations but the titles of husband and Dad mean more to him. He is a common man who has pursued adventures. Born in Montana, Dale lived and was educated there and in Oregon and Washington. The latter he calls home after working or visiting in all 50 States and some foreign countries. He is proud to be a Cougar graduate of Washington State University.




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