Cruising Southeast Alaska - 2009

By Linda Lewis


8. The Boating Buddies – Petersburg - Whales in Frederick Sd - Chapin Bay


After boarding our guest, Michael, we left Petersburg and traveled west in Frederick Sound to a wonderful (new-for-us) anchorage called Chapin Bay.

This juvenile eagle seemed to stand sentry over our boat.

Everywhere we looked we found incredible scenes.

The guys were determined to go crabbing no matter what the weather was doing. So off they went, with Michael bundled up in the boat’s extra foulies gear. He lives in Santa Fe; this was definitely not Santa Fe conditions.

You have to wonder what kind of manly B.S was going. These two could debate the U.N. under the table.

Maybe they were arguing over who was going to get the ONE crab they caught.

THE crab. We put this crab together with those we caught at Baker Inlet and had crab cakes that night.

Here is the master crab slayer hard at work.

Now he’s purging the detritus overboard – with Mike keeping his distance.

Dave asked Mike to put some sea water in the bucket for him. Down it goes.

Up it comes – but no water! No, you have to throw it in upside down. I’m trying. I’m trying. They finally worked it out. What a team they make.

We had some fabulous whale watching in Frederick Sound as we left Chapin Bay headed for Red Bluff Bay. It’s almost impossible to get good pictures of whales because everything happens so fast.

Here is a series of shots of a Humpback whale that surfaced right in front of the boat. Look at that big blow hole.

The whale starts to arch its back for a dive.

Now it’s really arching.

Here comes the tail.

And it’s up and dripping.

Bye. Bye.

As we looked back, we saw the signs of another whale that was clearly investigating the Green Devil. The two whirlpools and the water disturbance right at the stern of the Devil showed us they may have been wondering if they had lost a family member.

We continued on our way in this year’s ubiquitous fog conditions. I always think of a Forest Fire of Fog when I see something like this.



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