Welcome to the "Cruising to Southeast Alaska" series of pictures and stories from the M/V Royal Sounder for 2009. We cruise on a 45' LOA twin-diesel trawler-style boat. David is the designated Captain this year, as we trade that role on a yearly basis. We fully share the boat handling, including docking on a 50-50 basis so we both keep up our skills. Linda does most of the picture taking and writing but David is a great side-lines commentator.

We have made multiple trips to Southeast Alaska and each one has been a unique experience. The weather from one year to the next can completely change the cruising and what a cove or village is like. We often meet old friends and make new ones which also adds to the experience of every cruise. Most of all, Southeast Alaska is so vast and beautiful, there are still places we have not seen and quite a few we don't mind seeing again.

We hope you enjoy our 2009 "Cruising to Southeast Alaska". The pictures and story from our 2007 trip to Southeast Alaska is still online and can be accessed at: 2007 Inside Passage Blog

If you would like any information or have questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

Linda Lewis & Dave Parker
M/V Royal Sounder
Home: 425-482-9757

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Table of Contents


1. Anacortes to Campbell River - the Start of the Trip
2. Campbell River to Port McNeill - a Windy Johnstone Strait
3. The Devil in Queen Charlotte Sound - Pt McNeill to Green Island Anchorage
4. Ocean Falls, British Columbia and a Nice “Surprise”
5. Ocean Falls to Jackson Passage
6. Linda’s Log Encounter and Verizon Works in Prince Rupert!
7. Ketchikan to Petersburg via Wrangell Narrows
8. The Boating Buddies – Petersburg - Whales in Frederick Sd - Chapin Bay
9. The Buddies Continue – Red Bluff Bay Shrimping – Baranof Warm Springs – Sitka
10. Sitka to Tenakee Springs
11. Whitestone Harbor – Hoonah – Auke Bay
12. Auke Bay (Juneau) to Taku Harbor
13. Fords Terror & Bergie Bits in Endicott Arm
14. Dawes Glacier – at End of Endicott Arm
15. Whales in Frederick Sound and Lost Steerage in Wrangell Narrows
16. Wrangell to Ketchikan to Prince Rupert, B.C.
17. Grenville Channel to Laredo Channel (Fish!) then Bottleneck Inlet
18. Kynoch Inlet and Culpepper Lagoon - British Columbia
19. Queen Charlotte Sound - the Southbound Crossing
20. Broughton Islands - Pierre's at Echo Bay
21. Broughtons: Crease Island to Port Harvey to Campbell River
22. Strait of Georgia - Montague - Roche - Home


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